Commercial Ventilation Systems

Supreme Air Tauranga provide a wide range of commercial ventilation systems to help remove toxins and unpleasant dust, smells, or fumes from commercial property.

Our Tauranga team can also provide businesses with Heat Recovery commercial ventilation systems.  Heat Recovery commercial systems not only extract stale indoor air and replace it with fresh air, but (by passing the supply air close to the exhaust air) also warm the incoming air.

This means that during cold winter days, heat is not lost from the building through your commercial ventilation system. By combining this type of commercial ventilation with a Air Conditioning system, one can control the other.This type of system can make a significant impact on your heating bills during winter and your Air Conditioning bills in summer!

Unsure of the suitability of your premises for this kind of commercial ventilation? Contact the team at Supreme Air, we are commercial Air Conditioning & Ventilation specialists.
As an entirely independent company we can suggest the best ventilation and Air Conditioning solution for your needs.


Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

These commercial systems take out dirty indoor air and push fresh outdoor air into the rooms of your building. There is an exchange of heat and humidity between the supply and exhaust air, which brings outdoor air close to indoor conditions and thus recovers energy loss.

For fresh and conditioned air, the HRV technology can be integrated with your Air Conditioning system. It is available for household and commercial systems as well as for VRV systems. Fresh air is supplied without increasing energy consumption. Mid-season, when the Air Conditioning is turned off, the ventilation can work independently.

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