Under Floor Heating

Under Floor Heating Systems

Supreme Air Tauranga are specialists in Under Floor Heating systems for homes and commercial buildings.
We’ll design and install an Under Floor Heating system to meet your unique needs, and guarantee your system with our expert after-sales service.

Under Floor Heating is an eco-friendly and economical heating solution for homes and offices.

Whether you need just a single room system or a fully-controllable whole building solution, we can help.

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Benefits of Under Floor Heating:

  • Quiet – You will never know its operating.
  • Healthy – No dusty air particles or toxic gas fumes in the environment.
  • Energy Efficient – Lowest reliable running costs over any other system!
  • Long Life – Will still be in use by future generations.
  • Low water Temperature / High Heat Transfer Specifications.
  • Increases sale value of your home.

Hot Water Heat Pump – Under Floor Model Details            

Model kW input kW output Area m² Aprox cost/m²
7GUb5-1 1.4 5 Up to 120m² $110/m²
7GUb8-1 2.2 8 Up to 200m² $85/m²
7GUb9-1 2.8 9.0 Up to 228m² $85/m²
7GUb11-1 3.4 11 Up to 285m² $80/m²
7GUb14-1 4 14 Up to 340m² $75/m²
7GUb16-1 4.6 16 Up to 450m² $70/m²


Save $ – Did you know?
A 7GUb5-1 Heat Pump can heat a 280 Litre hot water cylinder (from cold) in less than 3.5 hours, operating with an efficiency of 335%.
In this scenario, if you are currently spending $1000/year on your domestic hot water heating, a Hot Water Heat Pump could reduce your spending to $300/year!
That’s a saving of up to $700/year!

Supreme Air Tauranga also provide Dual Purpose Hot Water Heat Pumps– these give you the benefit of heating both your domestic Hot Water and your underfloor.

Like a free, no-obligation quote? Contact the friendly team at Supreme Air, Tauranga Heat Pump specialists.


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